WDN0019 – CNC Router Machine


CNC Router Machine
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HQD 9kw air cooling spindle
HQD 5+4 vertical drilling head
380v 11kw FuLing Inverter
Transmission:X Y axis Chinese 1.5mol gear ,Z axis Taiwan TBI ball screw
Taiwan Twin 25mm Square rail
Weihong PC system TPA
Japan Yaskawa(EtherCAT) 850w servo motor, Z axis with brake
Japan Shimpo 1:8 reducer
Phenolic vacuum table with T-slot
250m3 (7.5kw) Chinese pump
Carousel tool magazine with 12 tool holders.
Auto tool sensor
Auto oil system
380v 5.5KW double bag dust collector
Dust hood
Handle wheeler
Ewood software(install on computer)
380v 3ph

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