WDN0011 – Spindle Moulder, Clamping device


Spindle Moulder, Clamping device
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Aluminum sliding table with hardened steel high-precision guides. Large heavy work table made of cast iron. Diameter of the opening in the working table ø190 mm with aspiration under the working table. Electronic reading of the revolutions. Spindle protector with diameter ø180 mm. Mounted device for spindle blocking. 4 speeds of rotation. Spindle tilting to the back. Working table dimensions: 1000 x 550mm, Sliding table dimensions: 1150 x 350mm, Spindle diameter: Ø 30mm, Spindle tilting: 90°/45°, Vertical movement of the spindle: 175 mm, Working height of the spindle: 125mm, Motor Power: 3.0 (4.0) kW (HP).

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