LON0008 – Screw tap grinder


Screw tap grinder
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Specialize in grinding screw tap. It’s precise, easy operation and efficient, also can save large sum of expense for purchasing blade annually. With diamond wheel, can be secondary re-used, with accurate angle and long service life. The electrical controlled high-rate DC motor features stable power, strong horsepower, efficient and long service life. Patent product can grind all the front cutting face, also include the front cutting lip. M20 tap shank is within 14 for grinding. Point Angle:5°~30°, Power:220V, Motor:160W, Speed:4400rpm, Standard Equipment:Grinding wheel:CBN (for HSS), Standard collets:Φ5,Φ7,Φ8,Φ9,Φ13,Φ14
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