LMM0018 – Laser Cleaner 1500W


Laser Cleaner 1500W



Power 1.5 kW, water cooling, wavelength 1070 nm, cleaning width 50 mm, power supply 220 V. 1. Metal surface rust removal/carbon steel rust removal/weld seam cleaning/metal surface paint removal/steel pipe paint removal/aluminum plate surface cleaning oxide film;  2. Laser cleaning technology refers to the use of high-frequency high-energy laser pulses to irradiate the surface of the workpiece, The coating layer can instantly absorb the focused laser energy, causing the surface oil stains, rust spots or coatings to evaporate or peel off instantly. It is a high-speed and effective cleaning method for removing surface attachments or surface coatings, and the laser pulse with a short action time, Will not harm metal substrates under proper parameters. Laser cleaning is a new technology based on the interaction effect between laser and matter. Different from traditional mechanical cleaning methods, chemical cleaning methods and ultrasonic cleaning methods, it does not require any CFC organic solvents that destroy the ozone layer and has no noise.

The item that is delivered is NOT the one shown in the pictures, but an equal one


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