LMM0014 – Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 1500W


Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 1500W


CYPCUT system software
Taiwan Hiwin 25mm
Taiwan TBI ball screw 1610
Herion: Rack and Rail (Germany )
MAX/RECI Laser Source
Hanli water chiller
OSPRI Fiber laser cutting head
Aero-Aluminum gantry
Heavy welded lathe bed
GERMANY LEAD Servo motor
Japan NNT: Proportional Valve
Red light positioning
#Electrical components: Honeywell
Power supply requirment:380V/3P/50Hz or 60HZ

1. Laser cutting metal sheet, metal cutting is efficient, high-speed, high-precision; the cut surface is smooth without burrs and dross.
2. Equipped with a push-pull unloading platform, it is convenient to go up and down the metal sheet;
3. Professional sheet metal CNC cutting system, easy to use, rich in functions, suitable for various processing occasions.
4. It adopts a surrounding laser protective cover and is equipped with a special laser protective glass observation window. It is a medium-to-high-end special equipment for laser cutting of plates, and it is the preferred product for high-end manufacturing companies.