LMM0002 Handheld fiber laser marking machine


Handheld fiber laser marking machine
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The design purpose of the hand-held marking machine is to provide a new type of fiber laser marking machine that can provide a separate laser scanning head, which can realize hand-held work, and can provide a separable laser scanning head for processing large and inconvenient moving workpieces.

In order to achieve the above purpose, there are the following technical solutions: this kind of hand-held fiber laser marking machine with a detachable laser scanning head includes a laser, a laser scanning head, a computer control system for controlling the laser, and the laser scanning head and the laser The optical fiber output head is connected as a whole, the laser scanning head and the optical fiber injection head are fixed on the optical bench, and a support rod is arranged under the optical bench. Wherein, the support rod is a support rod with adjustable length.

Wherein, the fiber laser marking machine is also equipped with a lifting table supporting the laser scanning head.

Due to the adoption of the above technical scheme, the utility model has the advantage that can separate the laser scanning head and can realize hand-held work, so it can provide processing for large and inconvenient moving work pieces.


1. The hand-held laser marking machine is equipped with a universal lifting table (universal clamping frame), which can also be placed on the lifting table for various heights and various directions;

2. There are two convenient ways to fix the focal length, which can be fine-tuned precisely;

3. Fully air-cooled, no consumables, no maintenance, long service life, small size, and suitable for working in harsh environments.

Data Sheet

Handheld Fiber Laser Marking Machine ManualData Sheet


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