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Tokyo is the capital of Japan.

Excellence in the production of high quality industrial products.

A company that looks to the future with you.

Freutek pursues excellence in manufacturing products that meet customer expectations, which is why we aim to achieve remarkable results for the technological value, the highest quality and reliability in the various industrial areas in which we operate.

In a world where welfare, population and consumption are increasing, the challenges are linked, in equal measure, to growth and sustainability. In fact, the speed of change will only increase. We are entering in the future of the industry, where new opportunities lie ahead, and we can understand them together. The technology we use constantly changes our perception of what is possible, allowing us to create products that are always new, highest performance solutions and unique. Whether your path to greater productivity goes through new processing methods, programming and simulation software, intelligent tool libraries or investments in industrial machinery, Freutek will always be by your side with our constantly evolving skills and the total quality of ours. products – to allow you to aim for excellence.


The trust of our customers comes from the certainty that they aim for high quality products. Always.


We care about our founding values, they are our best business card.


We develop unique products, which incorporate the best technological innovations and put them at the service of your business.





Let's build the future together

Innovation is the lifeblood of the company. The way we develop, change and shape our life. We are entering the future and for those who know how to innovate there are new opportunities coming, and we want to do it together with you

Govern the change

The only thing that doesn't change is the need to change constantly. The needs of your company are very different from those of 5 years ago, or even just last year. But the technology of our products allows us today to do things that were impossible until yesterday.

Overcome Challenges

The introduction of innovative digitalization, requires new challenges on companies. We work alongside you to offer more technologically advanced products and keep you one step ahead of the competition.                                                                      

Innovations that change the world

To solve the problems of your business, thanks to our products, together with you. This is why our products carry with them the value of innovation, capable of changing the world.                                                                   
Our quality at your service.

Innovative, performing and reliable industrial tools and machinery.

FREUTEK applies the results of its research to avant-garde industrial machinery in the various market sectors: metals, plastics, wood, lifting and handling. This versatility arises from the search for total quality and with the aim of serving the market globally.

Team of experts at your service.

Our presence in all the world guarantees the timeless and efficiency of responses to all your requests in order to ensure that all product requirements are met.


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